CPA Navigation and Case

What is this event?

We are doing things a little differently this year, we are combining our two CPA events into one that will give students a load of useful knowledge towards what it is like to be a CPA.

The Navigation portion of the session focuses on everything a new CPA student needs to know prior to commencing the program. Highlights of the session include:  to sign-up on the CPA student website, how to use the website, and how to submit assignments, etc. 

The Case portion of the event facilitates how to navigate your way through a CPA case. Highlights of the session include: how to read and interpret a CPA level case, outline the case and complete a writeup of a formal memo. This event targets accounting students who plan on pursuing the CPA designation.

Below is a case that is required to download for the case. This event is essential to any accounting students who are wanting to be a CPA.

Date for this event is tentative for March 9th at 5:00pm in ED 315. More details to come to confirm.